Список песен...

Breathe Easy (Jayson's song)

Rocket (Jayson's song)

Chapter two (Jayson's song)
Something (The Beatles song)
Satellites (Jason's single)
Shiny Silver Beast (Jayson's song)
Stretch (Jayson's song)
Sink or Swim (Jayson's song)
Santa Monica (Jayson's song)
Survive (Jayson's song)
Shine Like Gold (Jason feat Switchfoot)

Dare You To Move (Switchfoot song)

Luminate (Jayson's song)

Ell (Jayson's song)
Magnetize (Jayson's song)
My Universe (Jayson's song)

Foorever and Never (Jayson's song)

Green in Golden (Jayson's song)
Voyage of the Underling (Jayson's song)
Highways and Low Days (Jayson's song)

Pulse (Jayson's song)
Penelopieces (Jayson's song)